New Features Include CDR Maintenance, Advanced Search Capabilities, and Automatic Record Purges

Instant Technologies, specialists in developing innovative, enterprise-class compliance and productivity solutions for IBM Lotus Sametime and Microsoft Office Communications Server, today released Instant Archive Viewer v2.1. 

Instant Archive Viewer is an easy-to-install, intuitive-to-use search and discovery solution for Microsoft Office Communications Server. Instant Archive Viewer helps organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements and enforce internal IM usage policies. It also preserves IM chats so their contents become a valuable digital asset.

The new version is focused on admin-side enhancements such as CDR maintenance; custom advanced search and discovery capabilities; automated, scheduled record purging with a history of purged records; automatic Windows Service error logging; and more. 

“V2.1 is a significant step forward in OCS archive viewing,” says Peyton McManus, President of Instant Technologies.“Instant Archive Viewer continues to evolve and mature thanks to real-world feedback from our rapidly expanding customer base.”

Instant Archive Viewer v2.1 is available now. 




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