Instant Technologies Proudly Supports the UK Army Skydiving Team at the 2005 Skydiving World Cup

Instant Technologies, a leading supplier of enterprise instant messaging applications for Lotus Sametime and Microsoft Live Communications, proudly announces its support for the British Army Skydiving Team, who are participating in the 2005 Skydiving World Cup in Arizona later this month.

“When you only have 35 seconds to be judged, instant decisions and communication are essential. When we are moving, if we don’t work together we can never achieve our goal. Skydiving is a sport where synergy is extremely important. Through efficient preparation and visual communication you can rely on your teammates not to make mistakes.” – Team Captain David Tyler, British Army 4 Way Skydiving Team

The British 4 Way Army Skydiving Team, headed up by David Tyler, relies heavily on collaborative efforts and communication; their lives depend on it. Instant, which supplies enterprise Instant Messaging solutions to some of the world’s most powerful armed forces, believes the same focus on collaboration and communication is required in business.

“In formation skydiving and in business, communication and the right tools are essential elements to success. Freefalling toward the ground at more than 120 MPH, the British Army Skydiving Team are constantly communicating with each other, as any miscommunication can result in tragic consequences. At Instant Technologies we realize that collaboration is just as important in business. Our mission is to create tools, like Instant TeamSessions, to ensure companies are communicating as effectively as possible.” – Peyton McManus, CEO Instant Technologies

Instant Technologies is proud to support the British 4 Way team and wishes them luck in their quest to win the Skydiving World Cup. Just as the British 4 Way Army team collaborates to create ever more creative routines, Instant is always looking for ways to improve organizations’ Lotus Sametime and Microsoft LCS environments. Instant strives to help organizations excel in the same spirit the British 4 Way team hopes to win later this month at the Skydiving World Cup.

About Instant Technologies

Instant Technologies, based in Durham, NH, develops software to extend enterprise instant messaging systems. Instant’s award winning products help companies provide solutions such as instant messaging bots, IM queue management solutions, archiving, and persistent chat rooms.

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Instant Technologies is proud to support the British 4 Way team and wishes them luck in their quest to win the Skydiving World Cup. 




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