Instant Technologies Wins Prestigious Lotus Advisor Magazine Editors' Award for Second Year

Instant Technologies, an enterprise instant messaging (IM) solutions provider, continued their winning streak this week with the announcement that they won the Lotus Advisor Magazine's Editor's Choice GOLD award for Instant Messaging. Instant Technologies was awarded GOLD for their wide-ranging, powerful IBM Instant Messaging (Lotus Sametime) solutions.

"Instant TeamSessions lets teams share ideas and content in a centrally managed, secure, and persistent real-time environment," said Lotus Advisor. "The TeamSessions server records discussions for specified chat rooms automatically. When new participants enter the chat rooms, a "persistent chat room" capability gives them a history of the discussions from that room, so they can quickly get up-to-speed".

Other Instant Technology products mentioned by Lotus Advisor in recognition for the award were Instant Queue Manager, a Instant Messaging Queue application which can help companies increase their web sales and customer service via virtual queues and Instant IMtegrity which allows companies to securely log, save and archive all IBM Lotus Sametime Connect Client and AOL Instant Messenger client chats for regulatory compliance and knowledge gathering.

"Instant Technologies has been the first on so many fronts" said Carl Tyler, CTO of Instant Technologies "winning the Lotus Advisor Instant Messaging Gold award two years in a row is a first and we're proud to be the first company that has brought Outlook integration, powerful easy to configure Bots, Queues and persistent chats to IBM Instant Messaging customers. Through our close partnership with IBM, we continue to address the needs of Fortune 1000 companies by expanding the capabilities of IBM Instant Messaging."

Instant TeamSessions was a finalist for the prestigious Lotus Award Best Real-Time enterprise application earlier this year.

Demonstrations of all the Instant Technologies products mentioned here are available on the Instant Technologies website.

About Instant Technologies

Located in Durham, NH, Instant Technologies is a privately held software company dedicated to extending the software functionality commonly associated with real-time, collaborative technologies. Instant was a 2003 and 2004 IBM Lotus Beacon Award Winner, e-Pro Magazine Apex Award and 2004 Lotus Advisor Gold Editors Choice Award.

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"Instant TeamSessions lets teams share ideas and content in a centrally managed, secure, and persistent real-time environment..."

- Lotus Advisor




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