Instant Technologies Expands Instant Agent Framework for Lotus Sametime to Include LDAP Queries

Instant Agent Framework for LDAP speeds the development of Lotus Sametime bots that query LDAP based directories.

Instant Technologies today announced the expansion of their award winning Instant Agent Framework(TM) for Lotus Sametime to include LDAP based queries. Instant Agent Framework provides an environment to develop applications that add immediate value to the Lotus Sametime platform.

By deploying Instant Agent Framework, companies can quickly and easily create instant messaging based queries that are available from within their users "buddy list". Users simply click on the Sametime bot as they would any other person to quickly access the desired information from their LDAP directory. These IM powered queries are ideal for tasks such as address or telephone number look-ups. Instant Agent Framework for LDAP allows for the creation of as many different agents, or bots, as needed to meet the unique requirements of businesses, all from within a wizard based interface that does not require complex programming.

"Many of our largest customers are using Lotus Sametime and need to develop bots to query their LDAP based directories. Based on feedback from our customers and design partners, we have brought to market an excellent application for the development and configuration of Lotus Sametime based LDAP bots," said Peyton McManus, president of Instant Technologies.

IBM Instant Messaging bots provide a fast and very efficient way to locate information within an enterprise. "Many of our customers develop Sametime bots to deliver high frequency queries through their Sametime infrastructure,' said Carl Tyler of Instant Technologies. Instant Agent Framework for LDAP includes features such as a wizard based design environment, support for custom LDAP schemas, usage logging, reporting, and the ability to run the bots as a Windows service.

Instant Agent Framework is available for purchase through select IBM and Microsoft Business Partners and from Instant Technologies' web site

About Instant Technologies

Located in Durham, NH, Instant Technologies is a privately held software company dedicated to extending the software functionality commonly associated with real-time, collaborative technologies. Instant was a 2003 and 2004 IBM Lotus Beacon Award Winner, e-Pro Magazine Apex Award and Lotus Advisor Gold Editors Choice Award.

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