New Instant Messaging Product for Business
Instant TeamMessenger for Microsoft Outlook with IBM Lotus Sametime

Instant Technologies Corporation of Beverly, Mass., (“Instant”) today announced the immediate availability of its new software product, Instant TeamMessengertm for Microsoft Outlook with IBM Lotus Sametime. Available for download from the company’s web site (, Instant TeamMessenger is the industry’s first integration product to seamlessly combine IBM Lotus Sametime corporate instant messaging technology into the Microsoft Outlook e-mail platform. IBM Lotus Sametime is the market leader in corporate instant messaging, with 10 million subscribers, while Microsoft Outlook is one of the world’s leading e-mail programs, with 65 million users.

By integrating Lotus Sametime’s highly secure, real-time collaboration technology directly into the Microsoft Outlook 2000 client, Instant TeamMessenger enables users to immediately communicate via instant messaging with colleagues from within Outlook. Instant TeamMessenger allows end-users to determine exactly when their colleagues are on-line, interact with them in real time, and save any conversations for later use, all from within Outlook. Instant TeamMessenger features built-in, corporate-level security based on Lotus’ Sametime technology, as well as chat, on-demand and searchable archiving; and mailbox, contacts and/or appointment folder-based presence awareness. Instant TeamMessenger is available for the Microsoft Outlook 2000 program running on Microsoft Windows 98, ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP, utilizing IBM's Lotus Sametime technology, version 1.5 or later.

“The real innovation around Instant TeamMessenger is how it marries two killer apps within my company. Instant adds the sheer immediacy of instant messaging to the already well-proven communications strength of e-mail. It’s email on steroids. This takes team work to the next level,” said Bruce Elgort, Manager - Strategic Business Operations, Sharp Microelectronic of the Americas.

“The IBM Lotus Sametime offering is designed to help improve the way people work together and to provide a reliable and scalable platform for business collaboration," said Michael Loria, director of Advanced Collaboration, IBM Lotus Software. “Instant TeamMessenger clearly demonstrates how our standards-based Lotus Sametime offering can help our partners innovate and create solutions that foster real-time collaboration for their customers”.

“Instant is gratified at the response we’ve had to TeamMessenger from both IBM and Microsoft customers. Based on this, we are sure this product meets an important market need. Integrating Lotus Sametime into Microsoft Outlook is the first step in our overall product strategy. In the very near future we will introduce Instant products for the rest of the Microsoft Office family,” said Instant President and Founder, Peyton McManus.

Pricing and Availability

Instant TeamMessenger, available today for trial or purchase from Instant’s web site (, or through select IBM and Microsoft partners, is priced at $25.00 for individual licenses. Instant also offers three starter packs; an Influencer Pack (10 Licenses) for $100 (limited to one per company), a Pilot Pack (20 Licenses) for $460, Team Pack (100 licenses) for $2,220. Enterprise companies needing more than 100 licenses have the option to purchase an Enterprise Pack, specially priced for large-scale deployments.

About Instant Technologies Corporation
Located in Beverly, Mass., Instant Technologies Corporation is a privately held software company dedicated to extending the software functionality commonly associated with real-time, collaborative (“RTC”) technologies to a wide variety of application platforms. More information is available at


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New Solution Marries Leading Technology from IBM and Microsoft To Enable Highly Secure, Real-Time Collaboration 




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