Instant Technologies Corporation of Beverly, Mass., (“Instant”) today announced the licensing of its Instant TeamMessenger instant messaging product to the Canadian Department of National Defense’s Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC), the Canadian Navy on the Pacific Coast with its headquarters in Her Majesty’s Canadian Dockyard, Esquimalt. Instant TeamMessenger is the industry’s first integration product to seamlessly combine IBM Lotus Sametime corporate instant messaging technology into the Microsoft Outlook e-mail platform. IBM Lotus Sametime is the market leader in corporate instant messaging, with 10 million subscribers, while Microsoft Outlook is one of the world’s leading e-mail programs, with 65 million users.

“The Canadian Department of National Defense came to us early in our Instant TeamMessenger development cycle. As you can imagine, their requirements were rigorous. They needed to communicate with ship and land personnel instantly and securely. IBM’s Sametime gave them this capability. They also are serious users of Microsoft’s Outlook. They were pleased to find that we had integrated instant messaging into this mail environment. Their mail became ‘instantized’ and ‘immediate’, as we like to say.” said Tim Browne, Chief Executive Officer at Instant Technologies Corporation.

Pricing and Availability
Instant TeamMessenger, available today for trial or purchase from Instant’s web site (, or through select IBM and Microsoft partners. Licenses ($25.00) can be purchased individually or through an Enterprise Purchasing Agreement. Instant is also offering a specially priced test pack, The Influencer Pack (10 Licenses) for $100.

About Instant Technologies Corporation
Located in Beverly, Mass., Instant Technologies Corporation is a privately held software company dedicated to extending the software functionality commonly associated with real-time, collaborative (“RTC”) technologies to a wide variety of application platforms. More information is available at

About The Canadian Department of Defense
Canada is a maritime nation with the longest coastline in the world and extensive ocean areas of responsibility. It is bordered by three oceans and has a continental shelf one-third the size of the Canadian land mass. Canada's national interests are linked to its oceanic frontiers because of concerns over offshore resources, peace and security, maritime safety, environmental protection and the importance of maritime trade to the country.

Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC), the Canadian Navy on the Pacific Coast, has its headquarters in Her Majesty’s Canadian Dockyard, Esquimalt.

The naval units, which safeguard Canada’s interests in the Pacific, are collectively known as Canadian Fleet Pacific (CANFLTPAC) and are supported by Air Command aircraft. The ships and aircraft are based at Canadian Forces Bases Esquimalt and Comox, respectively. The Commander CANFLTPAC (COMCANFLTPAC), a sea going Commodore, along with CANFLTPAC Headquarters staff, direct the daily activities of these forces throughout the Pacific and around the world.


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Press Contact
Tim Browne
Instant Technologies Corporation
900 Cummings Center
Beverly, MA 01915

Canada's Department of National Defense Licenses Instant TeamMessenger for Microsoft Outlook with IBM Lotus Sametime for Secure Instant Messaging

Instant TeamMessenger Marries Leading Technology from IBM and Microsoft To Enable Highly Secure Instant Messaging for Canada’s Navy. 




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