The Customer: Worthington Federal Bank

Worthington Federal Bank has been a happy Lync customer for approximately 2 years. The native archiving capability within Lync captures all of the IM conversations throughout the local branches to meet regulatory requirements. Financial Services institutions are required to archive data for 7 years. However after a couple of forensic investigations with outside legal counsel involved for Worthington Federal Bank, it was apparent there was no easy way to view and extract IM data for eDiscovery needs.

Results: Saved Time and Money and Improved Search Process

Instant Technologies’ HR Auditor solution addresses all of Worthington Federal Bank’s search and reporting needs saving them time and money on lengthy and expensive legal investigations. Scott Jenkins, like many CIOs at small businesses, is tasked with performing all of the IM searches at Worthington Federal Bank. As the CIO of a regional bank, Jenkins has numerous responsibilities to manage on a daily basis. Time consuming IM chat search and export investigations is not an efficient or productive use of his time. Not to mention how costly these discovery processes can be in legal expenses, especially if you can’t find what you are looking for. Worthington Federal Bank conducts research on shareholder or lender issues only a few times a year. Instant Technologies HR Auditor solution more than paid for itself with investigations completed quickly, accurately, and in-house without incurring fees from outside counsel.


“It would have been literally impossible to find what we were looking for using the available Microsoft tools due to the number of individuals involved, time frame we needed to search and the cumbersome way Lync exports the data” explains Scott Jenkins, SVP, Chief Information & Technology Officer at Worthington Federal Bank.




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