The Learning Continuum Company is a world leader in delivering online and offline training on IBM Lotus Notes and Domino.  The people behind TLCC are specialists in Notes and Domino and well-versed in providing highly technical computer training to IT professionals.  They have trained thousands of developers and administrators from more than 70 countries to use Notes and Domino.  TLCC also offers user courses for Notes, Sametime, and Quickr.

TLCC’s Challenge:  Efficiently Interact with Customers in Real-time

TLCC’s website is a vital medium of customer interaction.  As such, they recognized the value of adding online chat functionality as an alternative to phone calls and email.  TLCC decided to use Sametime’s STLinks toolkit to build a one-to-one mapping system in which specific links on their website would access specific members of the company’s sales and support teams. 

In practice, however, this system fell short in several critical areas:  It could handle just one inquiry per link at a time; it lacked the ability to monitor sales’ and support’s availability to answer questions; and it could not monitor nor track the quality and volume of online chats.

With those issues in mind, TLCC went in search of a solution.

Instant Solution:  Instant Queue Manager

Instant Queue Manager adds the benefits of presence awareness and real-time access to helpful experts to help desk and customer service operations.  For TLCC, Instant Queue Manager enables the company's sales and support staff to self-manage their availability to respond to incoming customer questions.

The Results:  Increased Productivity, Improved Customer Service

Howard Greenberg, President of TLCC, took it upon himself to search for a presence-aware, real-time chat solution that included the ability to log chats for internal performance auditing and that could handle a high volume of traffic.

“I first learned about Instant Queue Manager in the Lotus Business Partner Forum,” says Mr Greenberg.“We downloaded the trial and almost immediately knew that we’d found our answer.”

The effects of Instant Queue Manager were felt immediately:It made everyone's job easier, and it dramatically improved TLCC’s ability to provide real-time customer service.

Instant Queue Manager also allows management to routinely check the logs to better monitor the sales and support activity.“The logging feature works great,” says Mr Greenberg.  “We not only got an enterprise-class queue management solution, but also a log of all our inbound chat conversations from the web site so we can immediately see who replied to which request and how many web-based queries we handled.”

“Instant Queue Manager is a simple, efficient way of dealing with incoming chat requests,” concludes Mr Greenberg.  “And it enables our sales and support staff to accomplish other tasks when they are not dealing directly with a client.Productivity is thereby improved in two ways; customer satisfaction is consistently high; and our sales cycle has been significantly shortened.”