When you are a global pharmaceutical company with employees accessing a variety of systems and applications all over the world, providing timely IT support can be a logistical nightmare.  When it got to the point where employees were waiting up to 24 hours for something as simple as a password reset, the customer knew they had to improve their processes.

Solution:  Instant Queue Manager

The customer turned to the real-time collaboration experts at Instant Technologies.  Instant recommended the customer augment their legacy trouble ticket system with a real-time internal help desk solution powered by Instant Queue Manager.

Instant Queue Manager added ‘presence awareness’ to employee / help desk interactions that enabled faster, more efficient issue resolutions.  Employees gained immediate access to subject matter experts who were available and willing to provide assist in real-time.

The Results:  Faster Help Desk Responses, Increased Productivity, Improved User Satisfaction

“The moment the customer went live with Instant Queue Manager, our employees gained real-time access to internal help desk experts,” says the customer’s Director of IT Support Services.

Questions could be submitted via the users’ Sametime buddy lists or through an internal web portal.  Help desk personnel were able to self-manage their availability to render assistance, with the confidence that Instant Queue Manager would automatically distribute in-bound requests evenly; they could choose to work anonymously; and they could reply with canned responses from a central database to ensure consistent answers to common questions.  And management gained clear insight into help desk operations, as all interactions were logged to a central database for internal auditing and/or external compliance reporting.

“Our first-call resolution rate increased by 85%, and our issue resolution time dropped significantly,” continues the Director of IT Support Services.  “Issues that had been taking 24 hours to resolve are now being closed in under 5 minutes.  Our help desk staff are under less stress, management is pleased with our increased efficiency, and the end users we support are actually happy with the level of service we are now able to provide.”