As a central bank responsible for the financial health of one of the world’s largest economies, this customer understandably relies on timely access to accurate information.  Unfortunately, ‘speed’ and ‘accuracy’ tend to be mutually exclusive concepts where manual processes are involved.

Solution:  Instant Queue Manager

The customer’s research lead them to the real-time collaboration experts at Instant Technologies.  Instant advised the customer to add the power of ‘presence awareness’ to its employees’ interactions with Research Library staff.

Instant Queue Manager enabled the Research Library’s subject matter experts to provide employees with immediate access to accurate, relevant information via ‘QueueBots’ deployed to every user’s Sametime buddy list.

The Results:  Faster Access to Information, Increased Productivity

“This project was actually driven by our Research Library’s own desire to improve their performance,” says the customer’s Director of Information Services.  “They recognized a need to increase their efficiency and then found their ideal solution.” 

Users can now submit information requests through their Sametime buddy lists and receive the answers they need in real-time.  Research Library staff are automatically alerted to incoming requests and are able to respond according to their capacity and ability.  Information is disseminated more rapidly, and everyone—end users and staff—are more productive.

“Instant Queue Manager worked so well for the Research Library that we decided to implement it for our internal support group,” says the Director of Information Services.  “The impact on our help desk has been equally as positive.  Instant Queue Manager is a great product—easy to deploy and intuitive to use.”