RedLab, a member of the Compulink Group, is a Russian software development company specializing in networking and telecommunication solutions for scientific and educational institutions.

RedLab’s Challenge:  Convert IM Chats into Usable Business Intelligence

Shortly after deploying Sametime, RedLab’s IT team started to receive requests from users and from management for the ability to search for and view specific content from previous chats.  The sales division needed the ability to go back and search through their Sametime conversations with clients to retrieve quoted numbers, addresses, and other relevant information, while the management team needed the ability to monitor conversations and resource usage.

With the issues identified, RedLab began their search for a solution.

Instant Solution:  Instant IMtegrity Archives

Instant IMtegrity Archives provides IM archiving, search, and discovery for IBM Lotus Sametime.  If questions are asked about who said what to whom, Instant IMtegrity Archives will provide irrefutable evidence.

The Results:  Increased Productivity, Enhanced Visibility into Sametime Usage

Alexander Pestryakov, IT Manager at RedLab, found Instant IMtegrity Archives via a web search.  He requested a trial copy, had it installed in a matter of minutes, and verified within an hour that it met all of his requirements.

“IMtegrity was easy to install and intuitive to use,” says Mr Pestryakov. “Even better, it is transparent to our employees—I did not need to touch the desktop at all.”

Thanks to Instant IMtegrity Archives, Sametime communications at RedLab's are much more efficient and effective.

“Our end users are happy because they can quickly access important customer information from old Sametime conversations,” continues Mr Pestryakov.  “Our customers are happy because we are able to provide faster and better service.  And management is happy because they can track and monitor Sametime usage within departments of the company.”

Mr Pestryakov summarizes RedLab’s experience with Instant IMtegrity Archives with this thought:  “For us it is important to give our users all the instruments and services they need to make their jobs more convenient.  IMtegrity is a perfect example of one such instrument.”