The Customer: SaskEnergy

SaskEnergy is Saskatchewan's natural gas distribution company, a provincial Crown corporation with roots of more than half a century in Saskatchewan. SaskEnergy delivers the benefits of safe, convenient and environmentally friendly natural gas to more than 352,000 residential, farm, commercial and industrial customers throughout Saskatchewan. SaskEnergy purchases natural gas from independent suppliers and transports it through our 67,000-kilometer distribution system to 92% of Saskatchewan communities.

The Customer’s Challenge:

Provide a reliable method to track, report and investigate instant messaging usage.

Understanding the benefits which can be achieved through the use of social media, specifically instant messaging, SaskEnergy implemented the out of the box Sametime solution provided by IBM as part of our Lotus Notes environment. It is important to SaskEnergy that all information technologies are used in a professional manner and provide benefit to the business, and therefore good monitoring and reporting for this application was required to measure the usage patterns of this new communication medium. SaskEnergy required a tool which could provide a reliable method to track, report and investigate instant messaging usage and to identity activity outside of best practice. The ability to archive and retrieve Sametime chats was another key requirement in the solution sought. While researching available solutions to meet our requirements it quickly became apparent that Instant Technologies’ IMtegrity provided the most comprehensive solution, matching all of our reporting requirements while providing a secure environment for accessing the historical instant messaging logs.

Instant's Solution: Instant IMtegrity Archives with Charting and Reporting

Instant IMtegrity Archives provides IM archiving, search and discovery, and reporting for IBM Lotus Sametime. 

  • Complete charting and reporting application provides visual activity tracking
  • Log and audit all Sametime conversations
  • Track who said what, what was discussed, when it was discussed, and how long the discussion lasted (including inline usage of images and emoticons)
  • Archives are fully indexed and easily searchable
  • Quickly search by date or by person, or do advanced searches with Boolean operations
  • Search and discover IM chats archive-wide in a central admin console
  • Enforce internal IM usage policies
  • Respond quickly and completely to regulatory audits and internal or external discovery requests
  • Quickly create highly configurable, flexible, and powerful rules to precisely control which Lotus Sametime messages should be included or excluded from logging
  • Robust charting and reporting module provides visual overview and metrics for Sametime usage and activity

The Results: Regulatory Compliance and Peace of Mind The installation and initial configuration of the IMtegrity software was very straightforward. The default installation provided us with a solution that met our immediate reporting and tracking needs. The Charting and Reporting module assisted in providing us with out of the box reporting and statistics to further assist us in monitoring usage levels. With the IMtegrity tool in place, SaskEnergy has been able to monitor instant messaging usage within the corporation in a consistent manner. The tool has provided for the development of standardized reports on usage against current and historical data, using a variety of sorting and filtering functionality. Additionally it provides quick, secure, and confidential investigation into any suspected misuse of the instant messaging application. The IMtegrity solution and the Charting and Reporting module has given SaskEnergy confidence in the appropriate use of instant messaging across the enterprise, and provides insight into the impacts of social media solutions for the enterprise.