When one of the world’s largest defense agencies decided to deploy IBM Lotus Sametime to their 100,000+ users, they quickly encountered a massive administrative challenge:  How would they create buddy lists consisting of all the relevant personal and organizational contacts for each user?

Solution:  Instant Buddy List Administrator

The customer asked for help from the enterprise IM experts at Instant Technologies.  The solution was ingenious in its simplicity:  As each user was activated in Sametime, he or she was presented with a web-based sign-up screen that contained a short series of questions; the answers to these questions automatically determined to which groups each user belonged.  Instant Buddy List Administrator then automatically assembled a customized buddy list that was ready and waiting for each user the moment they first logged in to Sametime.

The Results:  Immediate Value, Enhanced Productivity, Reduced Administrative Overhead

From the CIO’s perspective, the payback on Instant Buddy List Administrator was measured in seconds:  User adoption of this new collaboration medium was immediate because every user was automatically provisioned with a list of contacts relevant to their role in the organization.

“Instant Buddy List Administrator greatly simplified our roll-out of Sametime,” says the Project Manager for the customer’s Sametime deployment team.  “The end users are happy because their customized buddy lists translated to immediate improvements in productivity and efficiency, and the IT department is happy because Instant Buddy List Administrator eliminated incalculable hours of manual labor.”

“We all operate within both organizational and personal networks,” says Peyton McManus, President of Instant Technologies.  “When a transformational collaboration medium such as Sametime is implemented, organizations want to see an immediate return on their investment.  The ability to automatically pre-configure each user’s Sametime buddy list with the important personal and organizational contacts helps deliver that ROI by making Sametime instantly relevant and usable.”