IT Professional Services (ITPS) is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that works with organizations to achieve a step change in business performance, by ensuring the right people are in the right roles, using the right processes and technology, in the right way.   

Unified communications with Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) is a core component of ITPS’ mission to help companies align people, processes, and technology to enhance performance of both the individual and the organization.  ITPS’ OCS specialists were faced with the challenge of meeting varying customer requirements for regulatory compliance, OCS archive retrieval, and end-user access to their personal OCS archives.  ITPS’ search for a solution started - and ended - with Instant Archive Viewer from Instant Technologies.

Instant Archive Viewer for Microsoft OCS

“The clients for whom we deploy OCS need the facility to archive and then easily retrieve historical IM information, either as an administrator or as an end-user,” says Kevin Almond, Technical Operations Director for ITPS.  “Our core business is providing innovative IT solutions, so it is vital for us to engage with like-minded software vendors that enable us to tick all the boxes in our clients’ lists of requirements.”

Mr Almond’s search lead him to the enterprise IM experts at Instant Technologies.  Instant Archive Viewer provides role-based archive search and discovery for Microsoft OCS.

  • Internal usage policies are easily enforced;
  • Compliance audits and legal discovery requests are completely fulfilled; and
  • The information that would otherwise be locked in an organization’s OCS archives instead becomes a usable (and valuable) business asset.

Easy to Integrate

ITPS’ clients, like organizations everywhere, are carefully managing their IT budgets.  Requirements must be met, therefore, with products that do not require costly services engagements.

“Instant Archive Viewer is extremely straight forward to install,” says Mr Almond.  "We went through an initial guided install process with both sales and engineering personnel from Instant Technologies that was very effective and allowed for Q&A throughout the process.  We have since repeated the install and as per the first time, it was seamless - the software was operational within minutes.”

Robust Capabilities, Yet Easy to Use

Instant Archive Viewer successfully balances a comprehensive feature set with an intuitive interface that requires little or no training for administrators, managers, or end users.

“Users can now easily reference back to older IM conversations for whatever reason,” says Mr Almond.  “This allows self-management of the archived IM database.  Queries can be found and answered by the users, with no intervention from the help desk - a huge time saving.”

Instant Archive Viewer’s role-based search, retrieval, and discovery capabilities necessitate ease-of-use for stakeholders of widely varying technical skill.

“Where necessary and for corporate purposes, an OCS administrator can review conversations between any members of staff.  Or an HR manager can be given specific rights to monitor adherence to corporate usage policies,” continues Mr Almond.  “The business is now safe in the knowledge that it is protected in regard to regulatory compliance, internal oversight, legal discovery requests, or other corporate level issues.”

Final Thoughts

“Instant Archive Viewer’s install packages are really small considering what the product’s features and deliverables are,” says Mr Almond.  “The performance on the client is fast with it being web-based, and the overhead on the archive server is minimal.  All in all, this is an excellent product for both compliance and general IM archiving purposes, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others,” concludes Mr Almond.