MediCorp Health System grew from an eight-room hospital in Fredericksburg, Virginia, into a regional not-for-profit network of 28 health care facilities and wellness services.  In the ultra-competitive healthcare industry, growth such as MediCorp's is no small feat; and efficient communication is vital to the ongoing success of the organization.

MediCorp’s Challenge:  Increase Usage of Sametime to Improve Communication Efficiency

When MediCorp decided to deploy IBM Lotus Sametime, their goal was to provide a more efficient means of communication so that employees could easily find one another and avoid playing e-mail and phone tag.  But to their surprise, they experienced peaks and valleys of usage and adoption—the out-of-the-box benefits of Sametime were not enough to spur immediate widespread adoption.  MediCorp’s Information Systems department actually had to mandate the use of Sametime by their associates.


David Russell, MediCorp’s IS Systems Analyst, knew there had to be a way to grab employees' interest.  He believed that added services on top of Sametime would increase adoption and thereby deliver the desired improvements in communication efficiency.

Instant Solution:  Instant Agent Framework

Instant Agent Framework allows an administrator to quickly create and deploy IM bots that can query a company's ADO data sources upon request - making valuable information readily available to all employees.

  • Wizard-like Configuration:  Build bots in minutes - no programming experience required.
  • Built-in Logging:  See which bots are being used, when, and by whom.
  • Flexible Queries:  Query Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, and other data sources supported by Microsoft's ADO.
  • No Client Installation:  Users already have Sametime clients on their desktops - that is all they need to access bots created by Instant Agent Framework.
  • Mobile Access:  Available from mobile devices such as PDAs, or cell phones.
  • Automatic Sorting:  Result sets are automatically sorted and grouped into page sets for quick navigation.
  • "Who Can See":  Easily configure a 'who can see' list to control access to the bot.
  • Highly Configurable:  Easily configure the text resources, field layouts, and database queries.
  • No Per Bot Fee:Design and run as many bots as you need.
  • Increase Employee Productivity:  Provide your employees with quick access to important information they need to do their jobs effectively.
  • Query Without SQL Statements:  Easily develop a query against a single table without any SQL statements.
  • Query With Custom SQL Statements:  Use your own SQL statements to develop more complex queries that access multiple tables.

The Results:  Instant Improvements in Communication Efficiency

“I was blown away by Instant Agent Framework’s ease of use,” says David Russell, MediCorp’s IS Systems Analyst.  “Instead of days or weeks, I was able to create multiple bots in less than an hour—without writing code or even opening the user manual.”


The impact was immediate.Among the bots David created were one that accesses MediCorp’s telephone directory and another that accesses a policies and procedures database that describes everything from what to wear to work to how much patient care an employee can give out.


Sametime usage skyrocketed as employees realize that Sametime drastically reduces the time it takes them to find information.  And from an organizational perspective, MediCorp is now enjoying the benefits inherent to real-time communications—faster decision making, enhanced collaboration, presence awareness—that it envisioned when it decided to deploy Sametime.