HR Auditor for Microsoft Lync

Cornerstone Corners IM Tracking to Improve Productivity and Patient Satisfaction HTML  PDF

Worthington Federal Bank Realizes IM Archiving Alone is Not Enough When it Comes to eDiscovery HTML  PDF

Leading US Manufacturer reduces IM search and discovery process to minutes instead of weeks with Instant Technologies Auditor solution PDF

Instant Queue Manager (Real-time Help Desk and Customer Service)

A global financial services organization improves support with helpdesk enablement using Queue Manager and Sametime 8.5 PDF

A global IT company increases internal helpdesk productivity and improves support response time with Instant Queue Manager PDF 

A Central Bank Improves Access to Information by Adding the Presence Awareness of Instant Queue Manager to Research Library Operations  HTML  PDF

A Global Financial Services Provider Connects with Customers by Extending Sametime to the Web and with Plug-ins  HTML  PDF

A Global Pharmaceutical Company Increases Employee Productivity by Deploying Instant Queue Manager for Internal Help Desk Efficiency  HTML  PDF

The Learning Continuum Company Deploys Instant Queue Manager to Interact with Customers in Real-time  HTML  PDF

Instant IMtegrity Archives (IBM Lotus Sametime Archiving, Search, and Discovery)

SaskEnergy benefits from Regulatory Compliance and Peace of Mind with Instant IMtegrity PDF HTML

Phoenix Contact Benefits from Integrated Lotus Notes and Lotus Sametime Archiving  PDF

Hendricks Regional Health Makes a Build-or-Buy Decision for Lotus Sametime Chat Logging  HTML  PDF

Tuff Torq Deploys Instant IMtegrity Archives to Enforce Sametime Usage Policies  HTML  PDF

IBM Turns to Instant Technologies when the US Department of Defense Requires Sametime Archiving  HTML  PDF

A  Global Energy Provider Replaces Akonix with Instant IMtegrity Archives to Ensure Regulatory Compliance  HTML  PDF

A Global Financial Services Provider Relies on Instant IMtegrity Archives to Comply with IM Discovery Requests  HTML  PDF

A Global Steel Manufacturer Deploys Instant IMtegrity Archives to Mitigate the Legal Risks of Sametime Chats  HTML  PDF

RedLab Deploys Instant IMtegrity Archives to Turn IM Chats into Usable Business Intelligence  HTML  PDF

Instant Archive Viewer (Role-based Archive Search and Discovery for Microsoft LCS/OCS)

Integrys Energy Group Relies on Instant Archive Viewer for Corporate IM Search and Discovery with Lync 2010 HTML  PDF

A Major American Insurance Company Turns to Instant Archive Viewer After Unsuccessfully Attempting to Build an OCS Archive Viewer In-house  HTML  PDF

Liberty Bank of Arkansas Deploys Instant Archive Viewer for Role-based Access to Microsoft OCS Archives  HTML  PDF

Systems Integrator IT Professional Services Meets Clients' Requirements for Microsoft OCS Archive Access  HTML  PDF

Instant Buddy List Administrator (Centrally-controlled IBM Lotus Sametime Buddy Lists)

Athabasca University Enhances Collaboration Amongst Geographically-dispersed Students with Automated Buddy List Provisioning   PDF

A Major Defense Agency Uses Instant Buddy List Administrator to Automate Provisioning of Sametime Buddy Lists to 100,000+ Users  HTML  PDF


Instant Team Sessions (Persistent Chat for IBM Lotus Sametime)

Military and Government Organizations Rely on Instant Solutions to Make Collaborative Decisions at the Speed of Light  PDF

IBM Turns to Instant Technologies when the US Department of Defense Requires Persistent Chat  HTML  PDF


Instant Agent Framework (Rapid IM Bot Development)

The Shepherd Center Uses Instant Agent Framework to Ensure Vital Information is Readily Available  HTML  PDF

MediCorp Health System Improves Communication Efficiency Via Instant Agent Framework  HTML  PDF

Nissan Greece Builds Bots with Instant Agent Framework to Improve Customer Service  HTML PDF