Instant Archive Viewer for Microsoft OCS 2007 is a major update that includes numerous advanced features beyond those found in the version for Microsoft LCS.

A critical (and common) request from our customers, partners, and prospects centered on role-based archive search and discovery.
As a result, Instant Archive Viewer for OCS 2007 offers three distinct viewing and retrieval modes:

1.  End user search and retrieval
2.  Departmental (ie, manager-level) search and retrieval
3.  Enterprise
(ie, organization-wide) search and discovery

Features Common to All Roles

Each of the roles listed above has its own unique features (described on the following pages); but they all share these common features:
  • Access is secured via various authentication mechanisms, including Windows pass-through authentication
  • Simple 1-to-1 conversations can be searched/retrieved/audited
  • Multi-party conversations can be search/retrieved/audited
  • Conversations and search results can be exported to PDF
  • No software is installed on the client
  • The UI is an easy-to-use, web-based interface

Features Unique to Each Role

I.  End User Search and Retrieval

This role gives end users access to their own past conversations without intervention from the help desk.
  • The web-based interface is tightly integrated within the Office Communicator client (it sits in the client as a tab extension that is deployed via a simple regedit)
  • Users can quickly and intuitively search by date, by person, or conduct advanced keyword searches
  • Users only have access to their own conversations

II.  Departmental Search and Retrieval

This role gives managers the ability to monitor the conversations of employees in their respective departments.

  • Managers can search conversations within an entire AD group
  • Security controls restrict managers’ access to the conversations from within their group or groups
  • The user interface can be quickly integrated with the Communicator client

III.  Enterprise Search and Discovery

This role consists of a powerful search and discovery module that enables a user with ‘super admin’ privileges to conduct organization-wide audits of all conversations by all users in the environment.

  • Locate conversations between users, both 1-to-1 and multi-party
  • Locate specific text within conversations
  • Locate conversations by phrase and by user
  • Perform complex searches, including advanced Boolean searches
  • Save custom queries for reuse within defined discovery projects
  • Create and manage discovery-based projects that consist of collections of related queries