Sametime Chat Archiving, Search and eDiscovery for IBM Sametime

Server-based IBM Sametime chat logging for internal policy enforcement, HR request, and external regulatory compliance.IMtegrity Archives - Sametime Compliance

IBM Sametime Chat Logging and eDiscovery

30 Minute Installation - installs on your IBM Sametime server

Scalable to over 1,000,000 conversations per month

Stable with over 20,000 concurrent Sametime conversations

Supports IBM Sametime versions 7, 8, and 8.5x

IMtegrity Archives for Sametime - Free Trial  


Instant IMtegrity Archives leverages your existing technologies and your administrators’ existing skills. It is tightly integrated with the underlying Sametime infrastructure to enhance the value of your investments in IBM technology and training.  You do not need to deploy any additional appliances or hardware, and IMtegrity’s native Sametime design eliminates the need for additional proxy servers.

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Key Features:

  • The IMtegrity server add-in task command "tell imtegrity help" now works via Remote Console and Java Console.
  • Improved support for Chat Announcements (requires IBM Sametime 8.5.x servers).
  • IMtegrity is integrated with Sametime’s native chat logging facility.
  • IMtegrity uses familiar Lotus Domino data storage and system maintenance.
  • IMtegrity uses Notes .NSF as its data storage system to leverage existing access control lists, administrative policies, and training.
  • Instant IMtegrity for IBM Lotus Sametime allows you to securely log, save, and archive IBM Sametime Connect client chats.
  • Chat logging formats include XML, plain text and Lotus Notes database formats.
  • All recorded chats are accessible via web browser and/or Lotus Notes, and are protected by access control lists.
  • Chat participant names are color-coded for easier identification.
  • Chat text can be searched via a "Google-style" web interface.
  • Instant IMtegrity supports SOCKS 4 and 5 proxy servers and LDAP Directory servers.
  • Easy installation thanks to a fully automatic MSI installer.
  • Instant IMtegrity provides full support to reach SEC 17a-4 and NASD 3010 compliance for Sametime chat.

With Instant IMtegrity for IBM Sametime, you can automatically log, save, search, and archive IBM Sametime Connect chats to include customers and suppliers.

For companies in the financial services sector, regulatory compliance is of great importance.  With Instant IMtegrity for IBM Sametime, your company can be well on the way to US SEC 17a-4 and US NASD 3010 compliance.

Providing a secure, extensible, searchable and easy to navigate UI for both browsers and Lotus Notes clients, Instant IMtegrity for IBM Sametime allows you to analyze and search all IM usage, including 1-1 chats, n-way chats, and even Sametime meeting room chats.


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Instant Sametime Disclaimers automatically delivers disclaimer messages to internal users

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Additional IMtegrity Resources:

Refer to this IBM article for information on how to enable Sametime server-based chat logging:
(Note:  To enable Sametime chat logging, a chat logging DLL called STChatLog.dll must reside in C:\Lotus\Domino.) 

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