Automatically Deliver Administrator-controlled Disclaimer Messages
Reduce Potential IM Abuse and Legal Risks of IM Abuse

Do you need a way to automatically alert your Sametime users to your internal usage policies, or remind them that their chats are being archived and are subject to search and discovery?

Instant Sametime Disclaimers is a Sametime server add-in task that monitors user log-ins and automatically delivers administrator-controlled disclaimer messages.

Disclaimers notify users that their Sametime chats are being monitored.  Seeing such messages each time they log in reduces potential IM abuse and your legal risks related to IM abuse.

Instant Sametime Disclaimers can be deployed on its own, as a complement to your deployment of Instant IMtegrity Archives, or as an add-on to your existing Sametime archiving solution.

Complementary products:  

Instant IMtegrity Archives for logging and auditing Lotus Sametime chats

Instant External Disclaimers for automatic delivery of disclaimer messages to external users (eg, AOL, Yahoo) via an IBM Sametime Gateway extension

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Easy integration with eDiscovery and compliance application - IMtegrity Archives

"Instant Sametime Disclaimers is an easy way to remind users that IM chats are business records and therefore should be used professionally and respectfully."

"We deployed Disclaimers in conjunction with Instant IMtegrity Archives.  Our users are reminded regularly that the things they say in IM are centrally archived and subject to search and discovery audits."

Click here to download the Instant Sametime Disclaimers data sheet.

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