IBM Sametime Buddy List Management
Add, Remove, Rename, and Update People and Groups

Looking to migrate?  Check out Buddy List Migrator to migrate your contact lists from Sametime to Lync/S4B or from Lync/S4B to Sametime

Do you need centralized control over Sametime buddy lists to help with adding, removing and renaming people?  

Would you like a tool to pre-populate Sametime buddy lists during the Sametime deployment?

Instant Buddy List Administrator is a server-side management console to add, modify, delete, and automatically configure the buddy lists for members of your Sametime environment.  Buddy List Administrator supports integration with AdminP and supports standards for rename and delete functions to keep systems in sync.

Instant Buddy List Administrator solves the issues related to the management and updating of Sametime buddy lists:

Server-side Management Console: Centralized control of groups and users. Instant, zero-touch deployment of additions, deletions, and changes. Read how a major defense organization is using Buddy List Administrator to pre-configure more than 10,000 Lotus Sametime buddy lists as part of their deployment.

Real-time, Live Updates: Server does not need to be stopped or rebooted. Users can be online and active. Automatically roll back to the previous configuration if a mistake is made - stress-free updates! 

Integrated with AdminP: Buddy List Administrator will immediately respond to and resolve Lotus Domino and Lotus Sametime administrative requests submitted into AdminP.

Flexible Configuration: Manage buddy lists straight from Notes. Also works natively with vpuserinfo.nsf. Quickly re-maps users from Domino to LDAP or AD if you switch directories.

Granular Update Control: Add/delete multiple buddies and bots. Centrally create private and public groups. Change a buddy's data once and have it automatically propagate across all group memberships.  Updates may write directly to vpuserinfo.nsf if the user is offline, or will take place using the server based storage system if the user is online.  The indexing database provides a searchable, and human readable, view of all Sametime buddy lists in the organization.

Leverages IBM Instant Messaging/Sametime: Works with Sametime 3.0 and later - including Sametime 7.5x, Sametime 8.0, and Sametime 9.

Do you need to migrate Sametime buddy lists to Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business?  Instant Buddy List Migrator can help.

Are you currently using our Instant Agent Framework to create bots? Use Instant Buddy List Administrator to instantly deploy those bots.

Instant Case Study:  Read how Athabasca University uses Instant Buddy List Administrator to improve collaboration amongst geographically-dispersed students.  AU automated buddy list management so their students always have relevant buddy lists according to each student's current position in the program.

Do you use our Instant Queue Manager or the new Instant Chime for Sametime? Use Instant Buddy List Administrator to add queues to everyone's buddy list so that everyone has real-time access to the help desk.

How about a complete Instant Solution? Create bots with Instant Agent Framework and queues with Instant Queue Manager (or Chime for Sametime), and deploy them to everyone's buddy lists with Instant Buddy List Administrator; then archive all conversations on your company's Sametime server using Instant IMtegrity Archives. (

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What's New

Buddy List Administrator v3.88
Now Available - February 2013

- AdminP import functionality
- Rename/delete activity support
- Slash to comma conversion  / restore buddylist after rename
- ST resolver enabled for AdminP import activities

Instant Technical Brief:  Admin Integration with Instant Buddy List Administrator

This technical brief describes how to automate the provisioning of IBM Sametime buddy lists via standard Lotus Domino administrative processes.

"We work in a project-based environment with ever-changing teams.  Buddy List Administrator enables us to easily update buddy lists for each live project."

 "We have 150 AdminP rename requests per day.  Without Buddy List Administrator we can't keep our user's contact lists updated after renames."

Buddy List Administrator Screenshots
Buddy List Administrator Datasheet

Case Study - Athabasca University

Demo - Watch How Buddy List Administrator Pushes Multiple Public Groups to a User

Demo - Configure the Indexing Database to Quickly Generate a List of All Users to be Modified


Click here to download the Instant Buddy List Administrator user guide.

This technical brief describes how to automate the provisioning of Lotus Sametime buddy lists via standard Lotus Domino administrative processes (AdminP integration with Instant Buddy List Administrator).