Instant Queue Manager is being used by several fortune 500 companies and this is what their end users have to say

"Chat support is a better option as all companies are accepting this solution. Instead of waiting and wondering about ticket status, I can know instantly."

"Click to chat is a great time saver and a much more user friendly option. THANK YOU!!!!"

"This was the best experience I've had with my company's help desk in 8 years of employment. I wish all our agents were as skilled and helpful."

"Outstanding service - fast, efficient and helpful - resolved my problem quickly"

"My first experience was great. No issues with understanding different accents (mine and their's) which can be a huge problem. Chat is the best! This is a nice step forward and got things in the right hands much quicker than through the old methods."

"I love the quick response time and the ability to get a ticket submitted while multi-tasking on a conference call. This is the best improvement to our help services in a very long time. Great service."

"I opened the chat and had my issue resolved with remote support in less than 15 minutes. I will definitely use the chat for Help Desk support again. Awesome, responsive support!"

"Chat is the way to go! I was waiting for a call back after opening a ticket and trying to call in was at least a 35 minute wait"

"This is the first help service that I have encountered with my company that is satisfactory. Web chat is the way to go. I have wasted hours of my time in the past waiting on hold, trying to figure out a telephone menu structure etc. and have been very dissatisfiedd with the help service but this chat service worked great!"

"I was pleasantly surprised that the agent was able to open the ticket directly and transfer it to the appropriate queue - Extremely Satisfied - Thanks!"

"Very methodical, professional and efficient. My issue was quickly isolated and they walked me through step-by-step and through remote access. Most pleasant experience with a Help Ticket!"