email to IM Gateway for Lync

Instant Email-2-IM Gateway

Bridge your enterprise email and Microsoft Lync environments 

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Businesses consider email and IM as their two most dominant forms of communication.  The Email-2-IM Gateway merges both environments with the simple @IM sub-domain.  The Email-2-IM Gateway provides the ability to receive emails using Instant’s gateway server and dispatch Lync IM messages to individuals, distribution groups, and Lync 2010/2013 group chat rooms.

email to IM Gateway for Lync

The Email-2-IM Gateway includes the following components:

Instant's Email-2-IM Gateway server receives and processes email based notification requests.  This server will be configured and accessed using a set of MX records.  The engine converts the inbound email notification into a set of IM based alerts.

The core alerting service is responsible for dispatching IM based alerts to individuals, group chat rooms or distribution lists.

A dashboard and reporting system to display and collect statistics on the system is also included.

While several possible end points might exist for a message, the gateway manages a variety of services including inbound mail receipt, message processing, security, lookup against Active Directory, and core IM message delivery.

The gateway merges the two dominant messaging systems within the enterprise – email and instant messaging.

This process is invisible to the sender of the email and does not require any complex configuration or maintenance.  The application will be able to receive emails from any internal user, via any standard device, and the message will be transparently converted into the appropriate IM.

The server will appear as an appliance within the organization and will provide a new email destination address, therefore accepting and dispatching all incoming mail traffic that is addressed to the new subdomain.  For example – if an email is addressed to "", the server will receive the email and dispatch as an IM message to the appropriate members of the distribution list maintained for the ‘itsupport’ group.

The installation process will not require any additional software to be installed on your Microsoft Lync server.  However, the installation will require the installation of the Instant IM Gateway server, the configuration of a Lync trusted application pool (or usage of a Lync trusted application pool),  as well as access to instances of both Active Directory and Microsoft SQL Server.  The gateway server supports Lync 2010 and 2013.

Take a peek at the technical details of the Email-2-IM Gateway and load testing.

Demo - Load Testing Client
Demo - Load Testing Tool





What's New

@IM sub-domain

Create a new "@IM" sub-domain and the gateway will receive the email and dispatch as an IM message - to individuals,  distribution lists and chat rooms.

Easy integration with Alert Manager

"The Email-2-IM gateway merges the two dominant messaging systems within the enterprise – email and instant messaging"

Email-2-IM Gateway Datasheet
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Demo - IM Gateway Overview
Demo - Email-2-Lync Chat Room
Demo - Send Lync 2010 Message from Lotus Notes Client