Tactical Chat for IBM Sametime

Instant Team Sessions allows teams to instantly share ideas, documents, and information. Quickly build Lotus Sametime based tactical chat rooms to facilitate real-time collaboration. Tactical chat rooms are secure and discussions are encrypted.

The Team Sessions server automatically records discussions and manages content such as images, documents, or spreadsheets. When new participants enter the tactical chat room (Team Session), they are instantly provided with a history of the discussion.

With Instant Team Sessions for IBM Lotus Sametime, your teams can securely share information in real-time, and thereby improve communication and enhance team performance.

  • Tactical Chat Rooms: Members can come and go at will; the room - and a transcript of all that transpired - will be there when they return.
  • Persistent Content:  Store information relevant to the team such as discussions, task lists, documents, and bookmarks.
  • Secure Real-time Meetings; Encrypted Discussions:  Discuss confidential matters and share sensitive documents safely. Users are authenticated based on personal login information, and each room may have a unique access control list.
  • Automatic Contextual Alerts:  Users can create alerts so they will be notified when a topic relevant to their requirements is being discussed.
  • Runs On Domino:  Built on standard Lotus Domino and Lotus Sametime systems - you do not need to license, install, and manage Websphere.
  • Browser-based Architecture:  Deploys instantly, no need to touch every desktop.
  • Leverages IBM Instant Messaging/Sametime:  Works with Sametime 3.0 and later - including Sametime 7.5x and 8.x.
  • Rapid Deployment:  Deploys quickly and easily - without the complexity and resulting cost impact inherent to Lotus Sametime Advanced

Instant Team Sessions Version 3 further extends Instant Team Sessions' lead over all other persistent chat solutions.  As described in the release notes, Instant Team Sessions V3 adds a wealth of new features and functions developed in response to real-world feedback from some of the world's largest government and commercial organizations.

V3's new features include an updated user interface; server based alerts; the ability to restore persistent chat rooms and their content (files, bookmarks, etc); the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds of persistent chat archives; enhanced persistent chat room search capabilities; and much more.

And new in V3.1 are web client support for Ubuntu and CentOS; synchronization of Team Sessions databases with external Lotus Notes discussion databases; and enhanced support for embedding Instant Team Sessions persistent chat rooms within the Lotus Notes 8.5 client.

You can view a recorded demo of Instant Team Sessions V3 to learn how Lotus Sametime persistent chat will improve cross-functional team collaboration in your organization - all with strict security controls and encryption.  

When the US Department of Defense asked IBM for secure, encrypted persistent chat in Lotus Sametime, IBM turned to Instant Technologies and Instant Team Sessions.  Read the case study for details.

Instant Team Sessions is the secure, real time collaboration platform for many of the largest and most advanced navies and defense organizations in the world.

Learn how the power of persistent chat can improve your cross-organizational collaboration.  This solution brief includes real-world examples describing how IBM is deploying Instant's solutions to their enterprise, military, and government customers and describes the benefits of deploying persistent chat in the enterprise.

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What's New

Instant Team Sessions V3.2
Now Available
- Aug. 8, 2012

Improved UI and client side install
Support for MAC OS
New chat room data entry report templates

Learn What's New for Team Sessions V3.2

"We have project teams comprised of employees scattered all over the globe. Instant Team Sessions enables them to stay current with discussions that happen both during and after their respective work days."

Team Sessions Screenshots

Team Sessions Datasheet

Case Study - Department of Defense

Demo - Team Sessions V3

Team Sessions V3 Install Guide

Read the V3.2 Release Notes to Learn What is New in V3.2.

Instant Team Sessions Plugin User Guide

Instant Team Sessions Broadcasting API

Instant Technical Brief - IBM Lotus Sametime Advanced

Are you thinking of deploying Lotus Sametime Advanced for its persistent chat and broadcast capabilities?  Click here to download a comparison of Lotus Sametime Advanced and Instant Team Sessions and Instant Queue Manager.