Getting Started-Requirements & Install:      
Release Notes PDF    
Prerequisites TXT      
Instant Team Sessions Server Install


Sametime Plugin Deployment Guide PDF      
Instant Team Sessions Broadcast API PDF      
Java Version 1.6 get Version1.6.22    
Instant Team Sessions Server (contact Sales) get Version 3.1    
Sametime 7.5.XPlugin


Version 1.0.97    
Sametime 8.0 Plugin get Version 1.0.98    
Sametime 8.0.1, 8.0.2 Plugin get Version 1.0.152    
Sametime 9, 8.5.2, 8.5.1 Plugin get Version 1.0.154    
FAQ - bundle ITS Plugin w/ Sametime client install Online      
Automated Plugin Setup get Version 1.0.153    
Plugin Release Notes - 8.0.2- 8.5.X txt Version1.0.153    
Plugin Release Notes - 751-8.0.0 txt Version 1.120    
Admin Guide   PDF      


"We have project teams comprised of employees scattered all over the globe.  Instant Team Sessions enables them to stay current with discussions that happen both during and after their respective work days."

 "Instant Team Sessions turned a convenient conversation medium into an iron-clad secure group collaboration environment."

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Instant Team Sessions V3

Instant Team Sessions - Server-based Alerts

Instant Team Sessions' Rich Client

Instant Team Sessions Within a Notes Client

Instant Team Sessions' API

Posting Content to a Persistent Chat Room