Lync Broadcast Alerts

Deliver Lync IM Alerts to Individuals or Groups

IM Alerting System for Microsoft Lync 

Aler Manager for Lync Demo

Instantly broadcast critical information, using Microsoft Lync, to certain people or groups of users.

Schedule IM announcements for delivery to certain users or groups of users at a specific time.

Instant Alert Manager uses the power of IM (instant messaging) to quickly broadcast time-sensitive information.  Quickly and easily create IM broadcast messages and instantly send them to specific users, groups of users, or system-wide.  Or you can schedule IM broadcasts for automatic delivery at a pre-determined time.  And you can set messages, and send an email, if offline users do not retrieve them within a certain time frame

Email-to-GroupChat Utility

The requirements for this utility include .NET Framework 3.5, UCMA 3.0 Core Components and Windows Server x64 and include the following supported features:

  • Emails sent to a specified email box will be dispatched to a specified Lync GroupChat room
  • Accepts plain-text emails, as well as html emails created by Outlook 2010 and Office365
  • Supports posting messages as plain chats or as stories to the GroupChat room, emulating the behavior of the Microsoft GroupChat client
  • Emails with no subject and text < 512 characters will be posted as plain chat
  • Emails with no subject and text > 512 characters will be posted as stories, as in the GroupChat Client.

Instant Alert Manager in Action

IT Department:  Unexpected email server crashes inevitably trigger a flood of calls to the help desk.  With Instant Alert Manager, the help desk can proactively inform users that IT is aware of the problem and also provide updates on when service will be re-established.

Departmental Communications:   IM is a more efficient tool for managers to relay transient information to staff—an impromptu meeting, a big new client, free donuts in the break room—because the messages are only received by employees who are in the office at that time.  Instant Alert Manager facilitates real-time delivery of information while also eliminating overstuffed Outlook inboxes for employees who would otherwise have received the news via email.

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Latest Release - April, 2012

Turn Microsoft Lync and IM into a broadcast channel for important information!

Integrate Alert Manager with other systems for an extensible alerting system. View an example where we monitor an email inbox and dispatch alerts based on inbox messages.

"Instant Alert Manager enables us to immediately broadcast breaking news to all our institutional traders, no matter where they are located."

Alert Manager Screenshots

Demo - Alert Manager Overview

Demo - Alert Manager Install for Lync 2013

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